Our Fund Raiser Rider

Raymond Goh Century Challenger

I ride..... You contribute to the children..... Thanks in advance:)

Amount Campaign

S$9,284.00 raised of S$1055


Donations from Raymond Goh's Supporters

Goh Hong Choo donated S$50:

I support Raymond Goh

KK Chan donated S$50:


Alvin Low donated S$168:

Bro, will sure support you for such a good initiative! Ride to win too!!!

Cynthia C donated S$100:

You will always be my No. 1. GAMBATTE KUDASAI !!!

Patrick Quek donated S$50:

yee nam donated S$100:

Great initiative to help where we can!

Jennifer donated S$50:

JIä You!

Anonymous donated S$88:


Raymond Goh donated S$50:


Johnny Loh donated S$100:

Great initiative.. support !

pete donated S$50:

Joan Loo donated S$100:


Keng Hoe donated S$50:

Good cause!! Must support!!

Markus donated S$500:

Good Cause!!!!

Xin Yi donated S$50:

Boss fighting!!

RL donated S$88:

Fighting. Huat ah!

Wil Koh donated S$100:

Support Raymond!

Sharon donated S$50:

Unless you puke, faint, or die, Keep Going!!!

ST donated S$38:

Leg cramp also must keep cycling!!

Edwin@ donated S$100:

For you Sir

Teddy!! donated S$50:

Make sure you are the fastest bro, hehe! After that we go makan again!

Alex Ng donated S$68:

Way to go!

Chanel Kang donated S$58:

Must support you for a good cause and ❤️

Raymond W donated S$100:

Kudos! Salute! Have a good ride!

Koh Kwang-Wi donated S$250:

Thank you for supporting a good cause !

Edwin Goh donated S$50:

Go go all the bro....

Iris donated S$100:

Boss, Jia You!!

Arifin donated S$200:

Thanks for contributing back to society!

Tommy & Tabitha donated S$200:

Tong donated S$50:

Jia You!

KM donated S$188:

RG!! Cheong ah!

Anonymous donated S$20:

Jia You !!

Richard donated S$50:

Warm up for wuling

TC donated S$100:

What a fantastic cause!Support all the way!

Terence Arius donated S$50:

Support the Children, Support my Bro!

meng tiong donated S$50:


James Lee donated S$100:

Well done. You have my support. Ride well.

Felicia donated S$50:

Jia You!

Peter Loh donated S$200:

Ride harder bro!

Christy Choong donated S$100:

加油! Support you!

Weiqiang donated S$50:

For a good cause. All the best.

Wong May Peng donated S$100:

MT donated S$50:

Jia you

Tony Wong donated S$188:

This time i put the decimal place in the right places. Chiong ah!!!

Rebecca Goh donated S$40:


Ryan Goh donated S$20:

Hi Daddy! Good luck, have fun!

Eve Tan donated S$100:

I support you! Thank you for the meaningful ride

Jason CHEONG donated S$10:

Jingle donated S$50:

Jia you

Alvin Lim donated S$50:

A good ride for a good cause!

Vincent Lee donated S$100:

It's for a good cause..Support bro!

Connie donated S$200:


James Leong donated S$50:

Supporting a good cause! Go for it bro!

YikYong donated S$100:

Louis Siow donated S$200:

Proud of what you are doing and stand for, keep it going and God Speed

Daniel Ng donated S$100:

U the man! go Go GOH!

Phelim Yang donated S$88:

All the way bro!!!

vasan donated S$50:

support your good deeds

Lionel Lew donated S$50:

Kodus to you Bro!

Tan Hwee Ming donated S$118:

Good job bro ! May the force be with you !

Wee Hoe donated S$100:

All The Way

Jon Goh donated S$50:

All for a good cause! Keep it going bro

Joe Ong donated S$300:

Raymond, I am very proud of you. Very nice of you to do it for a worthy cause.

siew cheong donated S$50:

Go go go!

Jeremy Pan donated S$50:

Steady la bro!!

Mr. Geow donated S$100:

Go Goh Go !!!!!

Jason Gao donated S$100:

Keep it up!

Grace Chung donated S$288:

Hi Raymond, Racing for charity is the perfect way to merge your PASSION and HELPING others. 赞!

Gregory Cheong donated S$100:

All the best!

Edmund Tan YC donated S$100:

lee chua donated S$50:

Support u bro!

Lee SH donated S$100:

Ride on bro!

Kelvin Hooi donated S$200:

Way to go!

Bel Lim donated S$88:

Nike - Just Do It. Well Done!

Chun Beng donated S$100:

Raymond 加油!

Nicholas Sng donated S$50:

Eric Chow donated S$50:

Bro, great initiative. Good on you!

Cher Shin donated S$50:


Lee Say Guan donated S$200:

Well done

Philip.Kwa donated S$188:

Bro. Well done.

Doraemon donated S$10:

Will done buddy ......

Leslie Wong donated S$100:

Ride hard bro!

Corrinne Soong donated S$50:

Jia You!

Michael Cheng donated S$50:

Ride for good cause, well done!

layhua donated S$380:

All the way! Jia you!

Raymond Goh donated S$500:

Thanks to all my Friends and Family for your kind donation and support to Club Rainbow. Doing my part for Ride 4 Rainbow......:)

Ronnie Yap (Neighbour) donated S$200:

A great cause...! Have fun...!