Our Fund Raiser Rider

JK Tan Century Challenger

Ride for the needy, ride for passion.

Amount Campaign

S$4,587.00 raised of S$1055


Donations from JK Tan's Supporters

Ho Willet donated S$30:


son donated S$5:

jia you ah dad huat ah!! its ok to go slow as long as you dont stop, true failure is only when you give up not when you havent succeed.. life is full of choices, either u reach the finishing line or you die trying

Ah Lian donated S$30:


Siowhui donated S$20:

Jia You!!!

dan donated S$88:

jia you!

Alvin donated S$50:

Cheong Ah!!!

kc donated S$20:

Jia you

Genki donated S$20:

Nice initiative. All the best for your ride happening!

Christopher Tan donated S$10:

Well done bro! Jiayou!

VM donated S$28:

Jia You

Ah Tan donated S$50:

Just do your BEST

matthew tan shun foong donated S$168:

Jk! Let's 168 88 to a good Rooster year and help others

Eunice donated S$50:

Go all the way & reach your goal!

YLL donated S$50:

Jia You! 我们支持你!

DL donated S$20:


Vina Toh donated S$50:

All the best JK! A little support from me for your kindness movement! Hope you succeed in getting the ride!

Mak HK donated S$50:

For charity. Go for it.

林家 donated S$220:

努力! 加油!

Anonymous donated S$20:

alianto donated S$30:


Fiona donated S$50:

A worthy cause..give it your best shot!

Ricky See donated S$50:

Belinda donated S$20:

Jk.Fighting.Jia you!

Irene Goh donated S$30:

Jia you!

Shaun donated S$50:

Jia You !!

Yan Yan donated S$50:

Jia You, Da Ge!!!

Joanne Chua donated S$50:

Thank you for pedalling for a good cause.

karenwan77@yahoo.com.sg donated S$20:

Go, Go, Go, JK !!!!!!!!!!

Stefanie Yuen Thio donated S$500:

All the best, JK!

CINDY GOH donated S$50:


IY donated S$150:

Go JK go! Good Luck n all the best!!

Foo Hee Jong donated S$50:

Anonymous donated S$50:

HamJK, go go go!

Anonymous donated S$50:

All the Best

Chris donated S$20:

Andy Woo donated S$100:

Jia you! Lol

Anonymous donated S$20:

Support your good clause!

Anthony kwang donated S$15:


Teo Poh Chuan donated S$50:


Chai Sia donated S$50:

Gehen! Alles Gute :) 加油!! 你可以的 !

Novi Lin donated S$100:


Eddy Goh donated S$100:

雪子 donated S$50:

We need more of you. Thanks.

Daphne Ho donated S$50:

Jia you :)

goldfish alex donated S$20:

Chiong Ahhh !

Yong Su Meng donated S$20:

Go Go Fighting!!

Shaine donated S$50:


Kiat donated S$50:

Good ride and meaningful cause !

Melvin Yuen donated S$20:

support. go for a good cause. jia you

shirley donated S$40:

Happy riding!

Jerick O. donated S$50:

Do well and keep it up! Cheers!

Darren Tan donated S$20:

Kindness is good. Spread the love.

kim donated S$50:

You have my support. 加油。

Ana donated S$20:

Good Luck Bro!

Jena donated S$50:

Ivan Lin donated S$50:

Audrey Poon donated S$50:

Good luck!

JimmyLim donated S$50:

All the best bro :)

Jon Goh donated S$50:

All for a good cause bro!

CK Ho donated S$50:

Good Job!

JeffyDoo donated S$20:


Alvin Yip donated S$50:

Jiayou bro!

Qin Wei donated S$50:


Boy_30SCE donated S$25:

I dunno what happened. JK tell me pay money I just pay only. What is this about???

TEO LAY HOON donated S$688:

BRO 加油加油加油加油加油加油加油加油加油加油加油 SUPPORT

zh donated S$30:

Good job JK for the hard work! All the best for the ride.

Anonymous donated S$10:

Kevin donated S$50:

Good job! Keep it up bro!

benson donated S$50:


Eunice Goh donated S$50:

Fight fight fight! All the best to the race :)

Sheila donated S$50:

JY JK! All the best! :)

glin donated S$20:

Jia You!

Halley donated S$20:

Jia you ah bro! Ride hard!

Anonymous donated S$50:


Belinda Mak donated S$30:

I support you for Charity Events

Aunty Emily donated S$20:

Jia Yu