Our Fund Raiser Rider

Photo of Darwin Ho

Darwin Ho Century Challenger

Been blessed to be able to ride for the 4th year in raising funds for the Children of Club Rainbow. Your support would be greatly appreciated for the needy!

Amount Campaign

S$11,150.00 raised of S$1055


Donations from Darwin Ho's Supporters

Anonymous donated S$100:

Ride like the wind, for these children.

Anonymous donated S$30:

soon yoeng shon donated S$50:

Never give up !

Peter Teo donated S$100:

keep up thr good work

David Kong donated S$200:

All the best for your ride !

ad donated S$50:

Keep it up !!

Wei Tao donated S$50:

Vipin Jain donated S$200:

Best wishes .

Anonymous donated S$150:

Well done, Darwin for upporting a good cause

Andy Wang donated S$50:


Cheryl Tan donated S$50:

Jia Yu, Jia Yu!

Charlee donated S$100:

kiat donated S$50:

Keep up the good work!

Darrell donated S$50:

Godspeed bro!

Tan EK donated S$80:

Happy to support you again! Such a good hearted person. Bless you and all your loved ones!

Liyen donated S$50:

All the best!

Anonymous donated S$50:

All the best !!!

Raymond Wee donated S$100:

Michael Kan donated S$100:

Every great journey begins with the first KM!

Anonymous donated S$100:

Thomas donated S$50:

Jia you. :) Keep going for the children and ride safe.

A.Ang donated S$50:

Bless your ride and all the children!

Janice Bak donated S$50:

Bro, jiayou! God bless you.

LY donated S$50:

Jia you! Go go go...

Soo Meng donated S$2,000:

Congratulations for straight 4th year. May God Bless you with the courage and love to continue the good work. keep it up.

Zhao Ning donated S$100:

Jia You!

Sandy Siew donated S$50:

Good Job, Bro!

FT donated S$100:

Jia you!

Wendy Ang donated S$50:

Esther Ong donated S$50:

Jia you Darwin! Ride safe and hope you will get more support!

Kelly Ong donated S$50:

Bro ... Jia you

Edmund Siow donated S$100:

Anthony donated S$50:

Carol Chua donated S$50:

Jia you!!!

Chin San donated S$50:

Ganbatte Kudasai

jt donated S$50:

Anonymous donated S$30:

Support you!!

Paul Lee donated S$80:

All The Best for the good cause !

Eddie Oh donated S$100:

Go Darwin Go!

CP + TL donated S$70:

All the best!!!

Anonymous donated S$50:

All the best!

Ameen Lee Wang donated S$50:

Thanks for taking part in this event to benefit the chronically ill children and their families who are supported by Club Rainbow

Darryl Chiew donated S$50:

Wishing every success for this well-deserving fundraising event!

Eilin Ong & Darrell Heng donated S$100:

Darwin, all the way!

Chong Mien Teh donated S$200:

Go! Go! Go!

M Tan donated S$100:

Happy to support this! All the best!

Sriram Venkataramani donated S$100:

Great cause as always Darwin. Happy to be a small part of it.

Roland Ang donated S$100:

Thanks for riding for a good cause and cycle safely.

serene donated S$50:

marktang donated S$100:


Raymond Leong donated S$100:

Keep it up !

AsiaCloud donated S$500:

May you be well, healthy and peacefully to be able to continue to support the good cause.

Anonymous donated S$20:

Kaushik donated S$100:

Go bro go !!! Ride Safe !

Tan Shao Yi donated S$100:

All the best!

tammi lim donated S$50:


Damon donated S$50:

Glad to be part of this! Ride safely for the kids! Jia you!

AK donated S$50:

All the best bro! Great cause :)

Darren Goh donated S$50:

Appreciate your efforts & kind deed....加油!!

Phil donated S$200:

Thanks to your effort, they have an better life.

Kwee Tong donated S$150:

Thanks for your commitment to this cause. God bless!

Nicholas ONG donated S$50:

All the best for the challenge!

jonathan tan donated S$50:

Good cause!

Seng Kong donated S$100:

Darwin, really proud of what you are doing. Way to go!

Anonymous donated S$100:

SLK donated S$200:


Anonymous donated S$20:

Anonymous donated S$20:

Keep up the good work

David Han donated S$100:

Congrats bro! Great Cause!

Anonymous donated S$30:

Dewi.Sanly donated S$150:

Go go bro!

Boon Chong donated S$100:

Well done!

jason lim donated S$200:

All the best!

Elton donated S$50:

All the best.

Daniel Chan donated S$50:

All the best, bro! All the way!

Dave Low donated S$50:

All the best Darwin!

Anonymous donated S$30:

Thank you for doing this - this is really commendable. We can only support in our little way.

Steve Thompson donated S$150:

Good Cause

Boon Hing donated S$100:

Go for it Darwin! All the best!

Kat donated S$50:

Ride like the wind! It's an awesome thing you're doing for the kids!

Rick Neo donated S$200:

Keep up the good work!

Goh Boon Huat donated S$200:

Darwin, keep up the great effort to support the children.

Tiong donated S$250:

Keep up the good works!

Kenny Lim donated S$50:

Anonymous donated S$150:

Anonymous donated S$50:

Keep up the excellent work!

Zee Mei & Tuck donated S$50:


Anonymous donated S$100:

Johnny K donated S$50:

Have A Good Ride

Jo donated S$100:

All the best Darwin!!

Soo Meng donated S$1,040:

Well done for a good cause. Happy riding

Eliza donated S$100:

加油 and ride on, BIL!

Tony May donated S$50:

Well done