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Chuan-Jin Century Challenger

Happy to play a part to raise funds for Club Rainbow. They have been doing great work supporting chronically ill children and their families. Thank you to all who have donated, and I urge all of you to continue in this spirit of giving, and contribute generously to the cause even after the target is raised. Together, we can show that Singapore Cares!

Amount Campaign

S$46,216.24 raised of S$1055


Donations from Chuan-Jin's Supporters

Good Samaritan on Wheels donated S$28:

Thanks for helping my kids.:)

The Empire Pte Ltd donated S$999:

Thank you for setting the example and riding for the children in Club Rainbow!

Ellen Teo donated S$500:

A worthy cause!

Sebastian CHIA donated S$168:


Supported, please donated S$100:

Thank you Minister and keep it up. Supported pls!

Bryan Choa donated S$200:

Dearest Chuan-Jin, Most Happy to Support. Your GRC Resident. Bryan Choa

Kim donated S$100:

Fighting! You are making a difference.

wenx donated S$100:

have a blessed ride!

Balazs donated S$100:

Anonymous donated S$2,295:

Anonymous donated S$200:

Nuts! Jia you!

Your supporter donated S$100:

Jia you, Min. You can do it - all for a good cause - but please take care !

H S Ng donated S$50:

All the best Min Tan! Take care and may the children be blessed.

Anonymous donated S$28:

Our journey to the Rainbow World!!

Dave Liew donated S$50:

Thank you for playing this important role in raising fund Club Rainbow. Looking forward to more children & families benefiting from it.

Ow Yew Wah donated S$38:

Min. Chuan-Jin, I support you for the good cause. Blessing Singapore.

Leong.Ching donated S$500:

Go CJ! Thank you for always making a difference and putting yourself on the line for those who cannot

Linda Kho donated S$500:

Thank you Minister Tan. All the best and jia you

Anonymous donated S$200:

Go Chuan Jin Go! :)

Anonymous donated S$50:

Glad to be small part of it

Alfred Chia donated S$50:

Supporting you all the way Min Tan. I know you will not make that U-turn! Kudos...

Lee Sau Kin donated S$500:

Go go Sir. You can do it! Good luck and take care

Iris Ng donated S$100:

All the way, you surely can do it, Min! All for the good cause. Hwaiting! Jiayou! Fighting!

mothergoose donated S$200:

Go CJ Go!! JiaYou!!

belle :) donated S$100:

Woohoo!! Lets gooo! Jiayouuu!! You can do it! Do invest in a gd pair of cushioned tights though! ^^ n rideee safe! He will provide ya?

David Thong donated S$100:

All the best Minister Tan, will join you too!

YLC donated S$500:

Way to go! For a good cause :D

Bee donated S$100:

Keep Cycling! It will make a difference!

Anonymous donated S$50:

Jia You in your cycling ! Let's all do our part in what we can!

SK Yong donated S$50:

Jia you!

Anonymous donated S$50:

Thank you Minister Tan! Way to go....jiayou!

Anonymous donated S$100:

Minister, you are a real inspiration.

Hooi Ming donated S$100:

Go! Go! Chuan Jin...you can do it ;)

Anonymous donated S$200:

All the best CJ

Anonymous donated S$10:

Weimin donated S$150:

You are making a difference. Go for it, CJ!

Anonymous donated S$50:

Ride Safely Sir

Eu Gene donated S$300:

All the best for the ride CJ!

Anonymous donated S$20:

Go Go Go !!!

WINNIE WOON donated S$1,000:

Go, go, GO ! Chuan-Jin

Gary Soh donated S$100:

Do it for the kids!

Tat donated S$200:

You can do it!

Anonymous donated S$200:

Take it easy and enjoy the ride Minister. You are doing a good thing. Bless!

Anonymous donated S$100:

My favourite Minister, who has a big heart! Keep up the good work

Young Kin Chuan donated S$100:

Ride safe and enjoy. Cheers.

Jackson S donated S$100:

All the best!

Eric Tan donated S$50:

Good luck have fun.

jiujiu & momo donated S$168:

Go CJ!

FOC Restaurants Group donated S$20,000:

To support Club Rainbow’s great initiatives in providing services to children with chronic illnesses and their families.

Shirley Lim-Yam donated S$100:

Chuan-Jin, 谢谢您的爱心和领导。 这世界还是美丽的。

Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd donated S$3,000:

"Higher, Further, Together"

Oxygen Studio Designs Pte Ltd donated S$1,000:

Thank you minister for riding, so the kids can see their rainbows.

Anonymous donated S$1,766:

Jiayou Minister! With you all the way!

Mei Ling donated S$200:

Thank you for not only walking your talk, but also "riding" your talk, Sir. Have a great ride!

Damien Ng donated S$500:

Thanks for making the effort! Jia yu

koh donated S$100:

Keep it up, Sir.

Crystal Lim donated S$100:

MP Tan, you have our support from Chai Chee :-)

Sandy donated S$50:

Thanks for doing this, all the best for your ride.

wb donated S$100:

Have a safe and enjoyable ride! :)

Hansen Yeong donated S$200:

On behalf of Caregroup of B1B10, TP, 2016-17.

Simon Loh donated S$200:

Jia you!

Anonymous donated S$33:

Thank you Sir! Jia you

Moon Tan donated S$200:

Have fun and take care Mr Tan! Thank you for your efforts!

Wendy Goh donated S$200:

Jia you, sir

West Side Brother donated S$1,000:

All the best Chuan-Jin! Thanks for making a difference! :-)

HOE EE WU donated S$77:

Dear Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, Grace Grace, jia you. Psalms 91

Thebakinghermit donated S$100:

Jia you! Ride for a good cause. :)

Jayne donated S$100:

Jia you, Min! All the best!

penny donated S$100:

Minister with a big heart. Ride safe, angels on wheels looking out for you too!

Susan Ng donated S$100:

Yiwen donated S$400:

Great effort Min Tan! Have an awesome ride!

Frankie Ang donated S$555:


Anonymous donated S$100:

Thank you!

HH&WN donated S$500:

Thanks for doing this for others can see their rainbows! Jiayou!

Yang Long donated S$20:

All the best Minister Tan (:

Poh Ching donated S$100:

Yes! You can do it!

stephen.lim donated S$120:

Adrian Liew donated S$50:

Jiayou! This is a great cause to support!

Shu donated S$15:

Thank you for doing this :)

Wenjie donated S$50:

Ride for the kids! Go go go!

Calvin Cheng donated S$888:

Well done

TH/Jean donated S$500:

Good riding!

LFC4Life donated S$50:

Thank you for supporting this cause, Sir! YNWA

Jesline donated S$50:

All the best!

ajpoh donated S$200:

Thank you for being such an inspiration! Jiayou!!

Anonymous donated S$998:

WuiYen donated S$200:

All the best, Min Tan :)

Beng donated S$100:

Keep up the spirit of giving, caring n loving Minister Tan ! Safe ride to all participating.

Au Lee Cheng donated S$50:

有钱出钱,有力出力!加油!Our hearts go out to folks who need us.

sharon chang donated S$50:

Thank you for helping to children. Jia you and have a safe ride

Florence Leow donated S$20:

Minister Tan, Ganbatte! Jia you! 加油! You can do it!

William.Ng donated S$100:

All the way dear friend, ride safely!

Susan donated S$100:

Mind over body! You can do it, 100km! 加油!

Mdm Chong donated S$20:

Good job!

ow yew wah donated S$50:

Min. Tan, thank you so much for taking the physical challenge of 100KM ride again to support the kids with chronical illness. Stay safe and achieve the goal!

Fred Teo donated S$500:

Great cause to support the kids!

Anonymous donated S$100:

kenny khoo donated S$50:

Thank you Minister Tan for this very meaningful cause to support kids with chronic illness. Jia you. We will continue to pray for the kids too.