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Tat Wee Century Challenger

Children in Club Rainbow range from new-borns to youths up to the age of 20. On the recommendation of doctors, the children are referred to Club Rainbow for critical follow-up support.

Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Amount Campaign

S$7,530.00 raised of S$1055


Donations from Tat Wee's Supporters

PS donated S$100:

"Be the beacon of light in someone darkness" - Randi G Fine 加油!

Alvin Teo donated S$200:

Jia you!!!

Anonymous donated S$150:

Go Tat-Wee!

Jason.Yong donated S$200:

Go go go!

ms zee donated S$30:

ride faster and ride more!

Charlene and Jace donated S$1,000:

Go papa!

Wallace Lam@Splunk donated S$100:

this is awesome!

Andrew Foote donated S$100:

Great cause Tat Wee!

anonymous donated S$200:

Go Tat Wee Go!

L.J. Ho donated S$200:

All the best!

Anonymous donated S$1,000:

Paying it forward ! thanks for the effort ! having said that, just do your best, do not over exert!

S C Yeo donated S$200:

Tat Wee...Way to go!!!

Brett Matthews donated S$200:

Enjoy the ride! Great to see you out on the bike for such a wonderful cause.

Jon Harris donated S$100:

Best of luck with the ride Tat Wee! An amazing contribution to a worthy cause.

JH donated S$500:

Go go go TW !

Simon O'Brien donated S$50:

Great Cause, Tat Wee! Ride like the wind!

Dave Miles donated S$50:

Great cause, well done Tat wee

Jag Dhillon donated S$100:

Great job Tat Wee. Make sure you organize more rides to Malaysia and contribute to my motherland's economy :-)

RS donated S$200:

Nice tights!

go.. Go !! GO!!!! donated S$100:

Anonymous donated S$500:

Supporting you in this good cause!

Teo donated S$200:

Jia you!

Jeremy donated S$200:

Good luck!

Wilson Chin donated S$100:

Have a great ride!

CW donated S$500:

Have a good ride!

Anonymous donated S$200:

With Love from Vegas - 加油!!!!

E6 donated S$100:

Do well, live well, be awesome!

Vi Ly donated S$150:

Good luck with your training, Tat Wee! So many children will benefit from your work. Thank you for riding! :)

Dan Miller donated S$200:

Nice work Tat Wee !!

C Y donated S$100:

Go TW Go.

kujin donated S$200:

Appreciate your kind gesture and admire what you are doing now. We need more people like you.

Heng donated S$200:

Go Tat Wee.

Nick Crofts donated S$100:

Great cause Tat Wee, awesome job!