Our Fund Raiser Rider

Leslie Wong Century Challenger

All for a good cause... For charity...

Amount Campaign

S$6,388.00 raised of S$1055


Donations from Leslie Wong's Supporters

Raymond Goh donated S$100:

Bro....., Support you....Jia You!!!!

Jeffrey Lim donated S$50:

Go for it!

lala boy donated S$100:

Go for it darling

Derek donated S$200:

Well Done!

YC donated S$100:

I support you bro

Anonymous donated S$50:

buddy donated S$200:

Play hard man

Joan Loo donated S$100:

Go go go!!!

Keng Hoe donated S$155:

Topped up the balance. You get to ride.

KC donated S$100:


danny donated S$250:

All the way LW!!!

Jeffrey Yeow donated S$100:

Love what you do beside focus for career and family.

Debra.Wang donated S$50:

Christina donated S$800:

We Support You! =)

Jim Toh donated S$100:

All the way, bro !!

Sharon Lee donated S$100:

Bravo , Les !

Anonymous donated S$200:

God bless you

Ling donated S$200:

God bless you. 加油

Chris Yio donated S$100:

Go Leslie Go!

Anonymous donated S$30:

good job!!!

Kuai donated S$100:

On Ward.... Charge :) be safe :)

Gail W. donated S$50:

Go Leslie!!

FT donated S$153:

May The Force Ride with You!!

shan. donated S$50:

Brian Ho donated S$100:

Pump it up!!

Derek Low donated S$100:

Bro, hope my little contribution help!

aylwin donated S$100:

Ride like the wind bro...

Mark donated S$100:

All the Best !!

Bungalow Bill donated S$50:


elvin yap donated S$50:

Loh Ching Soo donated S$100:

Ride hard bro :)

Andrew Boey donated S$100:

Go for it bro!

Diana C donated S$100:


La Queen donated S$50:

Jia You ~

Eunice Zhou donated S$50:


Eng Guan donated S$200:

All The Way Leslie.

Anonymous donated S$100:

Support my bro Leslie's efforts 100km for children in need!

WILLIAM5888 donated S$250:

Bro ........ Ride Safe , Ride All the Way !!!

Jocelyn Chan donated S$100:

Go go bro..!! Support you all the way..!!

jimmy pang donated S$100:

All the way.. jia you..!!

Jason Low donated S$100:

Bro. Ride Hard & Ride Safe.

YJ donated S$50:

lau kj donated S$100:

BTay donated S$100:

Bro..thanks for riding for the children.

Jason H donated S$100:

Go for it Leslie!

Eric Ong donated S$100:

Gam Ba Teh

Lee Heng donated S$200:

All the way bro!

Richard donated S$100:

From the Goofy Golf Bro...

Yeo TA donated S$150:

From your Goofy Golf Bro.. also..

Vincent Loh donated S$200:

Goofy Golfers for charity!

philip kwa donated S$100:

Go go go