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Photo of Jerome Yuen
Group member of Club Rainbow Riders.

Jerome Yuen Century Challenger

As always... for the kids

Amount Campaign

S$10,407.67 raised of S$1055


Donations from Jerome Yuen's Supporters

Good Samaritan On Wheels donated S$28:

Don't get distracted and focus on creating the positive impact for the kids :D

Christine Choo donated S$100:

Way to go Jerome !

Anonymous donated S$5:

Josephine donated S$100:

Proud of my cousin for all the good he does for these kids!

Celia Ho donated S$100:

All the best to this year's ride!

Peng Kwee donated S$100:

Keep up the commitment!

Lean Mean Spidey Machine donated S$50:

Stay relentless!

Anonymous donated S$1,000:

Shirley donated S$100:

Jia you

Lilian donated S$200:

Bravo! All the way for the Children!

never loss hope donated S$50:

all the way. our wishes goes out to you

Anonymous donated S$50:

Thanks for riding for the kids. Jia u!

Anonymous donated S$100:

Another good year of your passion and good spirit. Well done, Jerome!

Raphael Chin donated S$300:

Happy riding !

Lee Ming Bong donated S$100:

Have a good ride!

Jordan and Sonia donated S$50:

Jiayou Uncle Jerome!

Phang Soo Boon donated S$100:

All The Way

Chonz donated S$100:

Keep on cycling and doing good!

Esther donated S$50:

Keep going Jerome! Thanks for your love and passion.

Jo Choo donated S$100:

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up." John Holmes Keep up the good work, Jerome!

Ah Sum donated S$300:

All the best, and keep riding!

Carina donated S$500:

Keep it up Jerome!

Michael Yom donated S$200:

You're my inspiration!

Janice donated S$200:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to support you and your cause. Ride Safe!

Vivi.NG donated S$150:

Inspiring Jerome . Thanks for making a difference .

Eddy donated S$300:

Have a great ride Jerome!!

Kennard Ser donated S$100:

Yes indeed we are doing this for the children! Ride safe!

Dr. Chey Chor Khoon donated S$100:

We're right behind you, Jerome!

Pei Lan donated S$100:

Have a blast!

JTan donated S$50:

All the best!

Tanguy donated S$100:

Ride safe!

Anonymous donated S$167:

Thank you for all you have done for the kids!

EngKoon donated S$100:


WC&YM donated S$100:

You are an inspiration. Ride safe!

Boon Min donated S$100:

All the best and ride safe!

Sharon Li donated S$100:

Jerome, all the best for the ride!

anonymous donated S$500:

have fun...

Daniel Yin donated S$288:

All the best!

Irene donated S$50:

Have a good ride

Ben Chio donated S$100:

Well Done !!

Carol Gurney donated S$100:

Keep up the great work you do, God bless.

Louis Poon donated S$100:

Proud of you! So consistent in showing love with action

Sim Vathanak donated S$100:

Good Lucky Bro, From Cambodia Friend

Fang donated S$10:

Go Jerome Go!

bijikecil donated S$10:


HL donated S$1,000:

Thanks for doing your bit for the kids! I may just come and ride alongside you!

Felicia Lauw donated S$500:

Keep riding for the good cause. Keep it up!

Philip donated S$200:

So moved and inspired by your commitment to this cause! 加油!!

Tilman donated S$300:

Go go for the kids

Anonymous donated S$500:

Gladys donated S$50:

Way to go Jerome!! ❤️❤️

Cynthia Goh donated S$100:

Ride safe!

Ezzy WANG donated S$1,000:

Thank you for your continuous support to the little ones.

Jasmine Lee donated S$50:

Jiayou!! Jiayou!!!!