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Group member of Club Rainbow Riders.

Jeremiah Liauw Fun Rider

I am a Rainbow kid. I was born with Spina Bifida and I can’t walk but that does not stop me from riding for rainbows. I want to raise funds for kids in Club Rainbow, be an inspiration to the Rainbow kids and everyone. If I can do it, you can do it too! We will all see our rainbows!

Amount Campaign

S$11,853.00 raised of S$55


Donations from Jeremiah Liauw's Supporters

Ethel donated S$50:

We are very proud of you, Jerry! You are an inspiration to many for you have a can-do spirit and have shown determination and perseverance. You are a winner! Jia you!

CHRYSLER donated S$50:

Bless you Jerry, for you know what matters is your heart, and with your big heart you are sending waves of love around you each and everyday of your life

Anonymous donated S$5:

God bless you Jeremiah

vijay donated S$200:

Go Jerry.. Go..Go

Anonymous donated S$100:

May the Force of the Holy Spirit be with you.

Cheryl donated S$50:

Way to go Jeremiah! God Bless!

Andrea Neo donated S$50:

Well done in your cause, Jerry! You are such an inspiration

Nic & Sue Lim donated S$50:

God be with you on your ride Jerry. Jesus loves you!

weizhen donated S$100:

You're so awesome, Jerry!! We're all here rooting for you! :)

Ignatius.Tan donated S$50:

All the best Jeremiah!

yiong yim ming donated S$100:

Proud of your determination. Follow your dreams!

Fernando family donated S$50:

Have fun with Jesus Jerry! You are riding for God's special people

parent of fellow Josephian donated S$1,000:

Way to go Jeremiah!! God bless! ~For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. (Phil 4:13)~

The NWongs donated S$100:

Thanks for being an inspiration, Jeremiah! God bless u

Parent of fellow schoolmate donated S$10:

God Bless you Jeremiah!

Emma Foo donated S$20:

Jeremiah - You are an amazing inspiration to all of us! Lots of love, Foo Family.

Isaac and Megan donated S$50:

God bless you, Jeremiah! You have a kind heart :)

School Friend donated S$60:

Go Jerry!!!

Mell donated S$50:

Jerry, you're such an inspiration and a blessing to those around you!

Ai.Ning donated S$200:

Ride for God and Rainbows Jeremiah! Phil 4:13

Low family donated S$100:

Thank you Jerry, for being such a wonderful inspiration for all of us. God bless you and your family!

Fellow Josephian donated S$50:

You're such a lovely inspiring boy ..Way to go!!!

Eva and Daryl Cheong donated S$50:

We will be rooting for you Jeremiah! You are really an inspiration to all of us!

Alicia in beijing donated S$50:

Godspeed, Jerry!! Awesome!

Dar Dar Liauw donated S$100:

Jia you Jia you my champion! You are amazing and you can do all things in Christ who strengthens you! Love you lotsa!...See you on the journey! Let's burn rubber and cycle!!!!

Anand donated S$50:

Be strong like you dad. When life gives a cross road, it means great reward is at the back. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us.

Charles & Charlotte Wang donated S$50:

We will be cheering you on Jeremiah!

kayden Ng donated S$50:

A worthy cause..God bless you Jeremiah

Anonymous donated S$100:

With God, nothing is impossible! Enjoy this ride and the many more rides to come ;) In His love, Dave & parents

Aunty Chris donated S$50:

All the best Jere!!

Iggy donated S$55:

Hello Jerry! It's me Ignatius minjoot. I am happy to donate to support you because you are my Friend and I care a lot about you. You are an amazing person!

Gerrard & Russell donated S$100:

All the best!

Anonymous donated S$38:

you'll never be alone...Liverpool

Theng Wei donated S$500:

Jerry you are truly an inspiration for all of us. Jia you!

Corinna and Isaiah Yip donated S$100:

Go! Jerry Go! You're a champion for Christ. "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me" Ora et Labora!

Anonymous donated S$200:

May the Force be with u Jerry!! Cheeers!

Emmanuel, Philo aunty and Thomas uncle donated S$100:


V-Tag Electronics Pte Ltd donated S$100:

Wish u all the best for your competition. We are so proud of you Jeremiah.

Skye Lee donated S$500:

Thank you for your guidance.

Raine donated S$50:

Go go go Jeremiah! Keep spinning!!

Ang Family donated S$50:

Ride on! Jerry. The Holy Spirit will empower you to complete the race.

mum of fellow Josephian schoolmate donated S$100:

You are special to God and to all of us. You inspire us. The good Lord will continue to keep watch over you and ride with you in this Rainbow Ride and in life's great journey.

Leroy Lim, Royce Lim and WyattLim donated S$50:

All the best Jeremiah!!!!you hv such a kind heart.

Alex Wong donated S$100:

Hi Jerry, way to go! We will support you all the way. See you at band practice! From Alex

Raphael Low donated S$20:

Hi Jerry, I was motivated and inspired by your achievements to also do my very best! Thank you and God bless you - - Raphael.

Ai Ling & Peyton Goh donated S$50:

You are amazingly inspiring. Jia you Jeremiah :)

Hui Wen donated S$50:

You are so amazing, Jerry!!! All the best! Jia you jia you:)

Anonymous donated S$50:

Well done Jerry! Nothing is impossible! Go go go... :) - AaC & AvC

Aud donated S$100:

Anonymous donated S$50:

Jeremiah, 加油!(All the best)

Theresa Low donated S$50:

Jeremiah, may your spirit of going through the trials to God inspire others. Jesus loves and bless you abundantly ! May the Lord continue to strengthen you in your journey!

Cindy Low~Rogin Lim~Arthur Lim!!! donated S$50:

May you have safe and good rides no matter the challenges! You have a wonderful family supporting you & we're some of the friends cheering you on from the sidelines! Take care and continue being the strong & wonderful boy you are!

Anonymous donated S$200:

Jeremy you are an inspiration to all! We are praying and cheering for you!! *Love from you fellow Josephians and family

Junghong & Evelyn donated S$50:

You are a rocker Jeremiah! Keep going and create many more miracles ahead. Love you always!

Auntie Esther from Queen of Peace! donated S$20:

God Bless You Jerry! God Bless the Rainbow kids!

Anonymous donated S$50:

yee pa, yee ma, faith and.abby donated S$200:

GO GO Jere go, you can do it. Jia you Be the light that shines out there for Jesus.

Lau Sau Nong donated S$1,000:

To an awesome kid, way to go! Uncle Sau Nong supports your magnanimous act! Hope this will be an encouragement to you.

Auntie Lee Jiat donated S$100:

Jia you Jia you Jerry ! So proud of you!

Cindy donated S$50:

Go Jerry!

Anonymous donated S$50:

Thank you for being an inspiration to others, Jeremiah.

Patrick Loh father of Gareth Loh 2 Joe donated S$100:

Keep the spirit up young man. May God shower his grace upon you in abundance.

Anonymous donated S$100:

Go Jeremiah Go!!!! You can do it and GOD bless you!

Anonymous donated S$50:

You are an inspiration!

Tow Family donated S$100:

Go Jerry Go!

Sin Wei donated S$50:

You are such an inspiration!

Linda donated S$500:

Hi Jeremiah, I've heard from your Aunty Gladys about what a great and brave boy you've been. Really admire your courage and preservance. Continue to live well Jeremiah!

bijikecil donated S$10:


Shan donated S$50:

Dearest Jere, really proud of you! Watched your resilience and optimism for the past 11 years. Stay joyful and be happy always. Love, Auntie Shan.

auntie.Lynn donated S$50:

Have faith and it will be given one day.

Jeremi donated S$100:

Never too young to do something big. The sky is not the limit. You are a role model.

Jinling donated S$50:

All the best! Proud of you!

Yokie donated S$50:

You are such an inspiration! We are learning to be like you , to be strong and determined. God bless you!

Jit donated S$1,000:


Anonymous donated S$50:

Dear Jerry You are an inspiration! Thanks for caring about others and doing this. We'll be praying for you and your family :)

Queenie donated S$100:

Jeremiah , you are such an inspiration ! Cheering for you always ! Hugs!

Anonymous donated S$570:

Katherine Ho Soon Hee donated S$50:

Cornelia donated S$100:

Go Jerry go!

Shaianne &.Aunty Steph donated S$50:

Go, Jerry, Go!!! May the Lord Bless you, protect you and give you all the strength you need!!!

Michele MX donated S$100:

Jerry, you are a champion! Jiayou!

Duckie donated S$150:

God's spirit is in you, Jeremiah! Keep it burning!

Aunty Cindy & family donated S$50:

Go Jerry! You have made God proud :)

Jennifer Wong donated S$50:

You are an inspiration and blessing to all of us, Jeremiah! We are so proud of you. God bless you and your family. You can do it!! 加油!!

Anonymous donated S$100:

AuntieSiangLing donated S$300:

Well done Jeremiah, congrats on finishing the ride. Keep up your great spirit!

Auntie Angelia ,Uncle Cedric, Xavier and Anais donated S$20:

"We're mighty proud of you, Jerry ! Love you loads !!

LeanMeanSpideyMachine donated S$25:

You're a real superhero, Jeremiah! God is using you to do great things in His Name. :)

Janet donated S$50:

Jesus ❤ U

Nicole Teo donated S$300:

God sure has great plans for you, young man! May you continue to allow God to use you!

Anonymous donated S$50:

jane donated S$200:

Well done Jerry!! Way to go !

Anonymous donated S$50:

Chris Pang donated S$100:

You are an inspiration, Jeremiah !