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Group member of Team Moomba.

Haoson Fun Rider

Charitable cause

Amount Campaign

S$7,402.67 raised of S$55


Donations from Haoson's Supporters

HoJ dept of HoR donated S$55:

Dont Fail Us ! Breakout !! Lose u drink Kings Cup !!!

Chris donated S$50:

Go for it Haoson!

Billy donated S$100:

Brother Haoson..when its rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. You are the rainbow in someone's cloud.

ailing donated S$50:

Ride on, Haoson!

Blue donated S$20:

All the best Haoson!

Allofus@Affin donated S$500:

Go Go Go! All the way to the finish line!

steve and Jenny donated S$75:

Ride like the wind! 100km I hope!

Meow donated S$50:

Goooo House!! Next target 100km

Joshua donated S$50:

Go Uncle!!!!

kai ma donated S$1,000:

Vivian Soon donated S$300:

Keep going! You are getting there!

Darren & May donated S$20:

Way to go Hao!!

Nich donated S$50:


jes donated S$100:

go go go!!!!

Anonymous donated S$250:


Sacha donated S$500:

Ride hard Haoson

Sharon Eng donated S$2:

Follow that rainbow~~~

SY & Tan donated S$380:

Leeks , MH, Maggy - add oiL!!!

Betty Chew donated S$15:

aiza.marina donated S$100:

all the best haoson!

York donated S$200:

Good luck Haoson!

Maggy Lim donated S$50:

Aja Aja Fighting!!

SSD & YSH donated S$120:

rideeee like da wind!!

Ming donated S$100:

Go Haoson!!

Tiny donated S$150:

Good luck on a great cause mate

dev kumar donated S$1,000:

All the best Haoson.

Anonymous donated S$100:

jason / lum donated S$100:

steady bro!!

keng nam donated S$50:

Ride hard

lena donated S$150:

Not 100km?! Too easy la...

faye alex and matthew donated S$288:

good luck mate... ride like the wind!

Pirate & Family donated S$150:

Aye aye captain

Lyndon Law donated S$888:

Ride ride ride

Kevin donated S$30:

I hope you lose weight in the process too

tiga donated S$10:

go house!

WH4 donated S$25:

Just for you

Hor Kwok Wai donated S$150:

Kelly Ong donated S$150:


Chris donated S$25:

Good luck Haoson!