Our Fund Raiser Rider

David Aw Century Challenger

Lai la...raise funds for the sick kids and families that cannot afford their medical bills. Thanks for your kind support, god bless u and your family.

Amount Campaign

S$6,614.90 raised of S$1055


Donations from David Aw's Supporters

Alvin@ donated S$50:

Alvin - SGBikemart donated S$50:

加油Boss! All the way!

Gary Kam donated S$100:

Go! Go! Goo!!!! Good job David.

Lorenzo Ang donated S$68:

Boss thank you for supporting my charity events last time, 加油 for your fundraising.

Anonymous donated S$50:

Great Job, Go Go Go all the way.

Lee K M donated S$50:

Will do the supporting for the ride every year. Do it all the way.

Alan Ng donated S$50:

Boss! All the way 加油

Tiffany Pan donated S$50:

Cindy Wang donated S$50:

加油 for your fundraising

Kelvin To donated S$50:

Great Job, 加油, 加油, 加油.

ROSC donated S$150:


Tong Li Kuman donated S$200:

Great job, go for it 加油, 加油, 加油.

Vince Chan donated S$100:

Good job, go go go very well done.

Brandan Lau donated S$50:

Jia you and keep going, fighting

Joranna Ang donated S$50:

Just keep going... you are getting there!

Eric Lim donated S$50:

加油 Boss! All the way!

Aris Car Leasing Pte Ltd donated S$300:

Well done for the fund raising. Good job, good ride, all the way.

Lovely Kuman Kai Song donated S$200:

Support the Children, Support the kids.

Colin Tan donated S$50:

Boss, will sure support you for such a good initiative !

CH donated S$20:

Linda Yeo donated S$20:

David !!! 加油 for your fund raising.

Excel Cycle Centre donated S$500:


laraine donated S$100:

so proud of you :)

Henry AW donated S$888:

Best Wishes to your funding event for the unfortunate. Well done, Mr AW

Jenny Aw donated S$100:

Safe Riding.

Steven Tan - SMT donated S$100:

Boss all the very best wishes to u. Ride safe

ling donated S$50:


Karen Quah donated S$100:

Go~Go~Go! Fighting!

sk lim donated S$500:

Bro, Excellent works

Arul donated S$50:

Keep up the good work

Patrick Yew donated S$100:

Go for it!

Anthony Loh donated S$50:

Thumbs up bro

J21 James donated S$50:

Jia you Jia you, 好的开始!

Lee Chee Tuck donated S$50:

David 加油

GOH TECK WEE donated S$100:

Ride strong and finish fast

chris tan donated S$20:

Hi You boss ! Ride safe !! God Bless

Alex Gan donated S$20:

Go go go David AW....Bless those who will benefit from this event.

Shandy Phee donated S$100:

Great job ....... Go Go Go !!!

Quinton Sim donated S$50:

Go Go Go .......!!!

George - Ceramic Pro - Mito Lucky Explorer donated S$100:

Thanks boss for the effort! Jia You!

Eddy Yeo - Comfort Cycle donated S$100:

Go Go Go - Great

Kyaw Wai Yaw donated S$20:

Great job boss - Go Go Go ride safe.

Ryan Ramos donated S$10:

Go Go Go boss - ride safe

Bobby Lim donated S$50:

All the best David!!!

Danny Chee donated S$100:

All the way go go go - great job bro

Dex donated S$50:

Ride as fast as the lightning David

Andrew Ng - Jet Venture donated S$50:

Great job, ride safe - Go Go Go

Builders Hub Pte Ltd donated S$200:

Well done

Angela Tan donated S$899:

Good deeds ; Good Merits ; Ride Safe ; Ride for Raimbow

Johnson Wah and Family donated S$100:

Hi David, Thank you for taking out your precious time to help the needies.

francis donated S$50:

John Lui donated S$200: