Our Fund Raiser Rider

Alvin Teo Century Challenger

To raise funds for Club Rainbow!

Amount Campaign

S$5,697.00 raised of S$1055


Donations from Alvin Teo's Supporters

Anonymous donated S$50:

Alvin, I support you...good cause!

Anonymous donated S$10:


Anonymous donated S$18:

I support you Alvin!! There goes the Flower!!

Anonymous donated S$100:

Good cause, count me in..

Anonymous donated S$100:

Like I said, I have century egg ride. Jia you. And most importantly, ride safely ya

Desmond donated S$50:

Hey Alvin, what a worthy cause! Support support!

Marion donated S$50:

All the Best, Alvin! Have fun participating in this good cause

Karen donated S$50:

reaching down and lifting people up. Have a safe ride

Tat Wee donated S$500:

Thanks for the ride for a good cause!

ms zee donated S$30:

Ride faster and longer! Jia you!

Ape donated S$20:

Jia you! #100kmeasy!

shirley lim acme donated S$100:

加油。 cheers.

Anonymous donated S$100:

Hanging flower to u.

SmallBoy donated S$10:

Thank you for the effort

Anonymous donated S$30:

Angie donated S$50:

Rooting for you! Chiong ah!

Anonymous donated S$10:

Ganbetta! Way to go! Alvin!

Chan CF donated S$100:

jia you

Kelvin Lim donated S$168:

Alvin, wish you 一路平安…… 一路发!

Alvin donated S$100:

All the best and enjoy the ride! Ride Safe too!!!

Anonymous donated S$38:

Go for it Alvin!

Joel donated S$100:

Go for it!

Jem donated S$50:

All the way Alvin! Have a safe ride always.

yeoflo donated S$100:

Go Alvin!

Hwee Koon donated S$50:

Jia You!

Ace donated S$50:

Jia You!

Ek Yoon's parents donated S$100:

Dear Alvin Ride safely and May you be well and happy.

Ryan.Ngan donated S$100:

Proud of you.. CEO of a company and taking time to give back to soceity. Well Done! Ride Safe!

Jia En donated S$10:

Joe donated S$100:

Way to go !

Anonymous donated S$50:

Great job Alvin \ ( ^ _ ^ ) /

Darren donated S$20:

Ride safe!

Anonymous donated S$50:

A meaningful ride

Nick Lim donated S$50:

Ray Yong donated S$100:


Keith Minjoot donated S$100:

Anonymous donated S$100:

All for a good deed. Proud of u!! All the best..

Andy Woo donated S$100:

Keep riding bro:)

Anonymous donated S$50:

Jia you!!!

KP donated S$50:

All the best Alvin for the good cause. Great going..

Melvyn donated S$50:

Go for it!!!

HorngLing donated S$100:

All the best!!

Laurence Liew donated S$100:

I support you! Have fun!

Sing Bin donated S$50:

Keep up the good work!

Eric Taw donated S$20:

Bro, Jia You!

Anonymous donated S$1,000:

Be safe, and God bless..

TT donated S$500:

Follow your passion ! 加油!

Joanne donated S$100:

Safe ride

Jian Rong donated S$100:

Thanks for inviting me to part of this cause! Jiayou and have a safe ride! :)

Kang Wei donated S$50:

All the way bro!! Cheers!!

ben donated S$50:

Make sure you win!

Pong donated S$50:

Enjoy your ride!

Kenny Chin donated S$50:

Jia You! And enjoy the ride!

Anonymous donated S$50:

jia you boss :)

Nurul Amin donated S$100:


Ber donated S$18:

Keep riding till u see rainbows

Jasen donated S$30:

Share the rainbows with the little ones.. :)

XinXian donated S$50:


ravich@trakomatic donated S$20:

good luck alvin! glad to see that you're riding for a good cause.

Shaun Kwan donated S$25:

Alvin Gogogo !

Anonymous donated S$50:

alvo donated S$20:

Ride like the wind!

Erwin donated S$100:

Go go go!!!